We all want to make better choices, but often we have no idea where to start.

I've spent decades searching for ways to care for myself at the deepest level, while also supporting others, and as I do so, to tread more lightly on the earth. As I looked at my own lifestyle, I was able to identify areas that I felt I could improve on. I learned to nourish myself with food and recipes that birthed the Real Coconut; my love of the ocean and beaches and the care for the environments I surround myself in, grew into our boutique wellness hotel Sanara Tulum, and the By Daniella Hunter collection became a natural extension of this journey.

My own lifestyle curation expanded into clothing, as I began developing ideas for clothes using fabrics and materials which were not only luxuriously soft, and of the highest quality, but that would also be able to biodegrade at the end of their lifespan, with elegant, minimalistic designs that could work on the beach, to bed, for lounging, and beyond.  Using materials such as hemp, silk, and organic cotton, from suppliers who share the same values, and made in small batches, by people who we have a personal connection with.

For personal care, I streamlined my own routines to a collection of items made with organic, pure ingredients found in nature, packaged in glass, and which will soon be available for purchase.  

Many items featured at Sanara are also available for purchase, from beach covers, cushions, and napkins made from Oaxaca artisans, to linens, and yoga mats.

With each step along the journey, I commit to continue to look for ways to improve, so that I may be of service to myself and others, as I hope to nurture our world, and the By Daniella Collection and our teams maintain this philosophy.  

 - Daniella 

Sustainability Practices & Mission

Our mission is to continue improving the fabric sourcing, dyeing, and washing processes to work towards clothing which, after many years of loving ownership, will be able to biodegrade either within compost facilities, or landfill. Currently, almost all of the fabrics we are using are organic and from fully natural sources, and we are committed to only purchase natural fibers moving forward, and as of September 2019, all pieces will be sewn using organic cotton yarn, to replace the cotton/polyester blend yarn which is the almost solely offered option within factories and ateliers. 

Our current wash and dye processes use a closed-loop system to minimize environmental impact, and we look forward to introduce more natural dye options in future.

Find more about our fabrics and processes.